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What is Asgard?

We believe that Asgard – Beyond is more than just a company; it embodies a philosophy. The Asgard – Beyond team is dedicated to our work and we take immense pride in being a fully owner-operated business. Our mission is to deliver genuinely authentic and unique outdoor experiences for each customer, recognising that they desire more than just a typical adventure.

What distinguishes Asgard – Beyond from other adventure companies is our unwavering commitment to safety and operational excellence. Our certifications from IFMG, UIAGM and ACMG underscore our adherence to the highest standards. However, beyond that, our experienced and knowledgeable guides are enthusiastic about imparting their passion for the outdoors to others. We acknowledge and appreciate the individuality of each client and tirelessly customise their trips to align with their unique needs and interests, ensuring the optimal experience each time, all the time.

Why Asgard?

Asgard – Beyond, formed by a team of passionate mountaineers and adventure enthusiasts, remains the driving force behind the organization. As an owner-operated organisation, Asgard is deeply devoted to social responsibility, aiming to provide top-tier outdoor experiences that rejuvenate the genuine, personal allure of Iceland’s tourism sector.

In response to the growing call for ethical and sustainable tourism, Asgard is wholeheartedly dedicated to meeting these expectations. This commitment is realized through highly qualified local guides, impeccable service, and a sustainable business model. Choosing an adventure with Asgard not only ensures an unforgettable experience for yourself but also actively involves you in a movement towards responsible tourism. Asgard invites you to be part of this positive change and contribute to shaping a better future for Iceland’s tourism industry.

Asgard - Beyond Mountain guides - Meet the owner team

Róbert Halldórsson

Lead guide & human resources

Born and bred in Iceland and a passionate rock and ice climber. A fully certified IFMGA/UIAGM International mountain guide with 16 years of guiding experience that loves being outdoors on new adventures.
Róbert leads our guides team and is an essential quality ambassador.

Garðar Hrafn


He has over 20 years of adventure guiding experience and is a certified ACMG ski and AIMG mountain guide. Adventure tourism graduate from Canada. Passion for adventures and outdoor education. Simply loves being outside.

Ragnar Þór Þrastarson

Guide & sales

Guiding career started in 2003. Finished Adventure tourism studies in Canada in 2009 and an MBA degree from the University of Reykjavík in 2020. Works full time as the Secretary General for the Icelandic scouting association and contributes regularly to the Asgard team. Main ambitions – get all people to start their own outdoor adventure.

Jón Heiðar

Lead guide & quality

A certified IFMGA mountain guide with over 25 year experience in the adventure guiding industry. He is always happy to be in the mountains climbing, skiing or just simply enjoying the outdoors.
Jón’s industry experience provides an important course for the whole company and a perspective few others have.

Ásdís Dögg

General Manager & CFO

Ásdís is a passionate outdoor enthusiast with a background in climbing and ski touring. Holding a geology degree along with an MBA, she plays a central role in our company’s operations from our office. Her primary focus is to guarantee that our guests receive the finest customer service possible.

Words from
our guests

Join the pool of our satisfied guests!

The best part or our amazing adventure in Iceland

Tony Ice climbing guest

With Asgard tour guide Robert and group of strong and active girls we mountain skied the Silvretta Traverse, I give the Asgard my highest recommandation, great trip!

Asa Thorsteinsdottir Silvretta traverse

Brilliant tour!
Well educated guide, good equipment and a nice small group. I would highly recommend it for anyone looking for a personalized trip 🙂
Tip: ask the guide to tell you extra amount of stories and facts – they are wisdom fountains there for you to learn from

Rakel J Ice climbing and glacier hiking

Ferð mín með Asgard Beyond um Silvrettu leiðina var bara akkúrat það sem vantaði í líf mitt! Þetta var mín fyrsta ferð með leiðsögumanni, en ég hef áður farið á svipaðar slóðir sjálf. Það er alger game changer að leyfa fagmanni að taka ákvarðanir um leiðarval útfrá aðstæðum. Maður fær miklu meira úr ferðinni og þorir lengra út úr þægindarammanum. Ætla pottþétt í aðra ferð sem fyrst!

Sara Axelsdóttir Ski touring guest

Fór í ferð með Asgard um Silvretta Traverse og gæti vart verið ánægðari með ferðina, líklega eitt besta frí sem ég hef farið í. Róbert, okkar frábæri leiðsögumaður, var í senn afskaplega fagmannlegur og skemmtilegur. Hann hélt vel um hópinn og tryggði sér gott traust frá fyrstu stundu. Mæli hiklaust með þessari ferð og fyrirtækinu í fjallabrasið.

Þórdís Bjarnadóttir Ski touring guest

We booked the ice climbing/hiking trip on Jan. 26th. Our guide was Ragnar. The trip was nothing short of amazing and I would book again and again in a heartbeat.
We plan to book with Asgard again when we visit in the summer season.
Book now!!! It’s worth every penny! 100% a once in a lifetime experience.

Rehn West Ice climbing guest

This was one of our favourite experiences on our trip.
We’d purposefully booked with Asgard for the smaller group size (and we were fortunate that it was only us two in the end) and for the longer time on the ice. It was most definitely the right decision.

Nicola Kirsty Glacier hiking guest

Me and my friend just finished the second day of the Glacier Skills , with Jón.
I would like to congratulate him for his professionalism, patience and great vibe that had!
Asgard was suggested to us by an other professional Glacier guide , as the best mountaineering company in Iceland.
Communication with Ásdís was flawless and Jón was 100 times better than we would expect!

Guys, thank you so much for all of this!
Ásgarð is Totally recommended for anyone that is looking for the best in the field !

Antonis Glacier skills