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Glaciers, huge waterfalls, volcanoes, hot springs, geysers… When you think about Iceland, these things pop up in your head. You think about how one day you plan a trip to…

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Give yourself a chance to experience something unique!

Glaciers, huge waterfalls, volcanoes, hot springs, geysers… When you think about Iceland, these things pop up in your head. You think about how one day you plan a trip to this beautiful country, and see those things with your own eyes. This was exactly me… Dreaming about visiting Iceland.

But how to make this dream come true? And maybe not to be just another tourist, how? The answer is to focus on possibilities, which will (in the end) give you more opportunities! And back then the opportunity crossed my way and now here I am, sitting at the office of Asgard Beyond and admiring this breathtaking country.

It is not even a week of my stay here in Iceland and I am asked to join a glacier ice-climbing tour. Wow! As a girl from the Czech Republic, I have no idea what to expect! Glacier! What should I wear for a glacier hike? How challenging will it be? Am I gonna be alright? Little worries and some questions appear in my head but the excitement of being able to join this trip is taking all of them somewhere in the corner of my mind. Let’s go to the glacier!

Reflection in the glacier lagoon at Sólheimajökull

Glacier hike on Sólheimajökull

The journey

The morning of our tour, Róbert, one of the guides from Asgard beyond, picks me up at my home and we start our approximately two-hour drive from Reykjavík to Solheimajokull. On our drive, I am still thinking about how crazy it is that I am here. I am fascinated by the beautiful valleys with breathtaking nature, enclosures with sheeps and Icelandic horses. As we are getting closer to our destination, along the road we can see many huge waterfalls, including probably one of the most famous ones in the south coast of Iceland. The magnificent Skógafoss.

We drive just a few more minutes and suddenly we are turning left to the Solheimajokull parking spot. Okay, I am nervous now but at the same time very excited to start my first Icelandic adventure! We are meeting our clients and I can tell they are also a bit nervous and hugely excited! The glacier hike and ice climbing will be for them their first time too.

Robert starts to prepare all the equipment for us. With the helmet, ice axe, harness and boots I feel like a professional hiker (haha) and we start our way to the glacier. Along our hike, we learn many interesting facts about the glaciers as well as sad news such as that in the next centuries all the glaciers in Iceland may stop existing because of the increasing temperatures and global warming. In my head appears a question: „Will Iceland be the same without them?“ And then another wave of gratefulness covers my mind that I am so lucky to be „right here and now” to see this magnificent place with my own eyes. I need to focus on every step I do, to not fall down and I am enjoying the feel of the cold breeze on my skin. It is so powerful and also hard to put into words.

– You have to experience it.
– You have to feel it.
– You have to buy the plane ticket and get in here. 😊

You have to take the first step to be able to make your dreams about visiting Iceland come true.… because nobody else is gonna do it for you.

On your own, you must make the choice to take the chance of experiencing something unique as glacier hiking. Don’t underestimate yourself that you are not capable of doing it.
What I want you to take away from this article is that only the FIRST STEPS are always up to you… and with all the others Asgard Beyond can help you. Give yourself the chance to explore Iceland’s glacier wonderland, it is worth a lot.

Private glacier hiking

Glacier hiking is a great way to experience Iceland and learn about climate change.
All of our tours are private and customisable to the group’s need making it suitable for everyone, even children down to 5 years old.

Unforgettable adventure on the glacier where you learn about glaciology, history and get to see the affect of climate change while you travel through a maze of crevasses and ice ridges.

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Asgard guides wear Arcteryx gear because it is durable and keeps them warm and dry in challenging conditions.


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