Are you ready to carve your own path through the pristine peaks of The Alps? If you´re taking your first steps into the backcountry skiing world, and want to try skinning & skiing between legendary alpine huts, this is the trip to start your journey.

from: 369.000 kr.

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    Trip dates 4.-11.March 4.-11.March 2025
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    Duration8 days
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    DifficultyModerate fitness

Tour Overview

Join us on an unforgettable ski touring expedition along the legendary Silvretta Traverse. It’s a journey into the heart of alpine beauty, where untouched slopes & breathtaking views await. For 5 days, we will immerse ourselves in the serenity of the backcountry, skiing between mountain huts. Along the way we might get the chance to summit one or two of the seventy 3000 m peaks which line the border between Switzerland and Austria.

Our journey starts in Landeck, Austria, where we spend our first night, discuss the trip ahead and prepare our backpacks. The next morning we will do a warm up session & on the ski slopes of Ischgl, where your guide will share with you tips & tricks if needed. From Ischgl we will head into the backcountry where we´ll spend the next 4 days, unwinding & enjoying.

If you´re planning on doing the infamous Haute Route from Chamonix to Zermatt, this is the perfect preparation. As mentioned before, this is the trip to get familiar with the backcountry and get to know yourself as a skier, before taking on bigger challenges.

Detailed information

Below are details about the tour. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Fitness level: Moderate, comfortable to move 250-300m in elevation per hour over 5-7 hours.
Experience level: Advanced beginner, some prior experience but lacking confidence in the discipline.

Participants have to be able to ski with confidence and link turns in off piste terrain.

Group tour (4-6 participants)

369.000 kr. per person.

For a private booking, please contact us

Preparation meeting in Iceland:
Few weeks before departure, we will have a preparation meeting for the group. It is a great opportunity to ask any questions that might have come up, get good advice regarding equipment and get familiar with your travel buddies.

Day 1: Travelling to Landeck Austria
Skiers use this day to travel to Austria. Best option is to fly to Zurick, where a taxi will pick us up and take us to our hotel in Landeck. The taxi ride takes approx 2,5 hours. This evening we will all have dinner together and your guide will talk you through the journey ahead, step by step. And of course answer any questions that might come up at this point in time.

Day 2: Ischgl – Heidelbergerhutte
The day starts with a short drive from our hotel to the ski slopes of Ischgl, where we will spend our morning on off piste training and practising skiing techniques. After lunch, we will take a ski lift to Pauiner Kopf (2864 m). From there we’ll ski down to Zeblasjoch (2539 m), put our skins on and start the first ascent of the trip. Your guide will teach you practical skills for skinning upwards and if needed, we´ll practise different techniques. We´ll eventually find ourselves at the top of Piz Davo Sassé (2701 m), and from there it’s all downhill, until we find ourselves at Heidelbergerhutte. It’s a classic mountain hut but still pretty well equipped with showers, restaurant and a bar! What more can one ask for after a day in the mountains?

Day 3:Heidelbergerhutte, day tour from the hut
We will ski tour one of the many summits that surround the hut like Lareinfernspitze (3008m) or Piz Davo Lais (3026m). We can expect to skin about 750m. At the end of the day we will spend another night in Heidelbergerhutte.

Day 4: Heidelbergerhutte – Jamtalhutte
We’ll travel from Heidelbergerhutte to Jamtalhutte through the Kronenjoch pass. If weather & conditions act in our favour, we´ll visit the summit of Breite Krone (3097 m). From the top, we´ll ski all the way down to Jamtalhutte, our shelter for the next two nights. The hut is owned by the German Alpine Club (DAV) and is very well equipped and comfortable.

Day 5: Ski Touring out of Jamtalhutte
Today, we have many ski touring options. Your guide will pick an appropriate objective for the group, according to weather & snow conditions. Chances are we´ll be travelling through glaciated terrain & visit 3000 m summits such as Hintere Jamtalspitze (3156 m) or Gemspitz (3110 m). If anyone feels like chilling out and resting for the two skiing days ahead of us, that’s also an option. There are surely worse places to spend a day…

Day 6: Jamtalhutte – Wiesbadnerhutte
We wave goodbye to Jamtalhutte and head towards Wiesbadenhutte, yet another great hut of the Silvretta mountain range. We´ll travel through Ochensenscharte pass and perhaps we´ll summit Dreilanderspitze (3197 m). The mountain is quite steep, so we´ll have to put our skis on our backpack and grab our ice axe, for the ascent. A nice change from skinning & skiing. From the top, we can ski all the way to Wiesbadnerhutte. Now is the time to really savour the last night in the mountains. Prost!

Day 7: Wiesbadenhutte – Galtur – Landeck
Our last day of skiing and we´ll make our way towards civilization in Galtur. After a short ascent from the hut, a slope of our dreams awaits. Potentially the best slope of the trip. Save the best for last, as they say. If the group´s gas tank is still half full, we have the chance to visit Rauer Kopf (3101 m). Skins are off for the last time, and we´ll ski all the way to Galtur. From there it´s about 40 min drive back to Landeck, where we´ll enjoy looking back at our journey, enjoy the evening and have a nice dinner.

Day 8: Travelling home
Travel back home. A taxi will pick us up at our hotel and take us to Zurick airport.

Participants need to have insurance for search & rescue in mountainous terrain. Rescue teams in Europe reserve the right to charge their clients for the full cost of rescue and the use of helicopters, when needed. We also recommend that participants have at least a standard personal travel insurance on all our tours.

Asgard Beyond reserves the right to change the program of the trip with regard to weather and conditions at any time. This will be done with the safety of guests in mind and to ensure the best possible experience on the trip. If the travel arrangements change significantly, extra costs may follow.

Ski Equipment

  • Backcountry skis, 95 – 105 mm below foot
  • Backcountry ski boots
  • Skins
  • Ski poles
  • Ski crampons
  • Technical Equipment

  • Backpack 35 – 40 L with ski loops
  • Ice axe, small & lightweight
  • Crampons for ski boots, lightweight
  • Harness, simple & lightweight
  • 120 cm sling
  • 2 x locked carabiners
  • Avalanche beacon, with new batteries
  • Shovel
  • Avalanche probe, 240 cm
  • Clothing

  • Gore-Tex jacket
  • Gore-Tex pants
  • Soft Shell jacket (optional, some prefer to bring Gore-Tex only)
  • Soft Shell pants (optional, some prefer to bring Gore-Tex only)
  • Mid layer jacked (down or fiber)
  • Mid layer fleece jacket or a vest
  • First layer top (wool or synthetic)
  • First layer bottoms (wool or synthetic)
  • Ski socks
  • Thin gloves
  • Thick gloves
  • Hat
  • Neck warmer
  • Headband for warmer days
  • For the Huts

  • Extra pair of socks
  • Extra pair of first layer (if you want)
  • Earplugs
  • Sleeping bag liner
  • Cash for food and drinks
  • Toothbrush, soap & other personal hygiene items
  • Other items

  • Sunglasses (cat 3-4)
  • Goggles (light lens)
  • Sunscreen SPF 50
  • Lipstick SPF 50
  • Headlamp
  • Ski strap
  • Water bottle 1 L
  • Thermos 0,5 L (Optional)
  • Band aids & blister kit
  • Powerbank to charge personal devices
  • Snacks for the days
  • What's included

    • Preparation with the guide in Iceland
    • Hotel in Landeck for two nights
    • Accommodation in all mountain huts with breakfast and dinner
    • Transfer to and from Zurich airport
    • Transfer to the hotel on the last ski day
    • Skipass in Ischgl for one day
    • Icelandic IFMGA mountain guide

    What's not included

    • Air travel to and from Iceland
    • Dinner at Hotel in Landeck
    • Lunch, snacks and drinks at the hotel and in huts
    • Additional travelcost/accommodation if itinerary changes due to weather or conditions
    • Travel and accident insurance

    Do you have any questions?

    Below are answers to some of the questions we get regarding the tour. If you do not find the answer do not hesitate to contact us

    • I’m a vegetarian/vegan, can special diets be accommodated?

      We will ensure that our guests with different dietary needs are looked after.
      All huts can offer a vegetarian option but is is important that you let us know in advance so the hut keeper can plan for this.
      Vegan option can be difficult to come around. Pleas get in touch with us and we can advice you on the possibilities.

    • What are the huts like?

      The huts are often very remote and sitting at high altitude, which means the comfort level is basic. They are clean and cozy and have everything you would wish for an overnight stay.

      Most of the huts have a hostel style dormitories where people have their own small space in a bunk bed. The hut provides blankets and pillows so you don´t have to carry a sleeping bag. Most of the time it is possible to charge your phone/camera in the hut but they do not have stable electricity so it is good to bring a power bank to charge your devices.

      The hut has a fully functioning kitchen and a bar where you can order lunch from a menu, coffee, cake or beer on tap. The quality of the water varies between huts and we recommend bottled water available for purchase at the hut.

    Words from our guests

    Ferð mín með Asgard Beyond um Silvrettu leiðina var bara akkúrat það sem vantaði í líf mitt! Þetta var mín fyrsta ferð með leiðsögumanni, en ég hef áður farið á svipaðar slóðir sjálf. Það er alger game changer að leyfa fagmanni að taka ákvarðanir um leiðarval útfrá aðstæðum. Maður fær miklu meira úr ferðinni og þorir lengra út úr þægindarammanum. Ætla pottþétt í aðra ferð sem fyrst!

    Sara Axelsdóttir Ski touring guest

    Fór í ferð með Asgard um Silvretta Traverse og gæti vart verið ánægðari með ferðina, líklega eitt besta frí sem ég hef farið í. Róbert, okkar frábæri leiðsögumaður, var í senn afskaplega fagmannlegur og skemmtilegur. Hann hélt vel um hópinn og tryggði sér gott traust frá fyrstu stundu. Mæli hiklaust með þessari ferð og fyrirtækinu í fjallabrasið.

    Þórdís Bjarnadóttir Ski touring guest
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    Asgard guides wear Arcteryx gear because it is durable and keeps them warm and dry in challenging conditions.


    Fjallakofinn is an outdoor store in Reykjavík offering high quality outdoors products & a rental service.